Monday, March 30, 2009

dam weather

ok so the trainer and i have been trying to get out and start training so that we can hopefully show him this summer, but this darn weather just is not working with us!!!!! we have a couple of new bits to try and saddle, he has picked up on some stuff really fast with the time she has been able to work with him. hopefully the weather will soon break and we can get to work

Friday, March 6, 2009

training finally begins!!

well the trainer got on him yesterday, and had him neck reining and turning with just leg pressure in an hour : ) .. But i need a new bit so now we are trying a copper one. im soo excited now that he is in training. She is going to show him this spring and summer too!! The next nice day she'll be out for 3 hours working with him.

whoo hoo!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

good news!!

well my shareboarders start in march, and i have found a trainer who is going to finish chico then start training him for reining, weastern pleassure and barrels for FREE!! hopefully everything works out with the trainer :)im in such a good mood!!! Rob is going to aply to be a cop and start school to be an emt. I am hopefully going to be starting vet school back up. We got a awsome tax return( time to buy an suv) i think this year is going to be awsome. next thing will be a house :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


well met the shareboarders, they are really nice people, and have experiance too. hopefully they will deside to do it!!!!!


well yesterday went pritty good, but by the time i was done luging him my feet were soaked and i was coverd in mud! But he did good giving his head to pressure and made some proggress with the clippers!

Friday, February 6, 2009

it has started

well im headed out tomarrow to start working with chico, i think im going to start with giveing his head to pressure, then to clippers. On a good note i found a lady who wants to come meet him sunday to shareboard :). I allso go back to work in a week :) :) this meens money so now i can put him in training with a proffess. hopefully all goes as well as i hope!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

hopefully good news

well the hubby and me have been going back and forth on the whole horse thing.. he keeps telling me we need to sell : ( But i dont want to unless it has to absolutely needs to be done!!! But just to keep him happy i put up a for sale ad.. allready got acouple of interested people.. But i did get a reply to the share board ad i put up : ) Im only asking 80.00 a month so its pritty cheap. So hopefully that will happen, it would help out a lot. Im allso going to see if robs dad will let me keep him at his house, granted then he would have to put up fencing and a shelter. and i would have to go out there every day ( union groove) but it would be free, all i need to do is vet, farrier and feed... so it would save me a but tone of money...

The stress we put our selves through for our pets!!!!!